Klassic Koalas Master Collection



The Klassic Koalas Master Collection features thirteen Koala Jo Publishing titles in one app. Once in the application, navigate to the various titles by tapping on the top or bottom of your screen. Pinch and zoom to enlarge an image.

Koalas: Zen in Fur—Based on what the American Library Association has named "The best collection of koala photos," this book contains over 320 mostly previously unpublished photographs accompanied by descriptions of Australia's most beloved native, by 120 photographers, from 24 countries.

KLASSIC KOALAS: ANCIENT ABORIGINAL TALES IN NEW RETELLINGS—Eight classic tales retold by award-winning novelist Lee Barwood. Reminiscent of the graphic novel style, each illustration uses bright, bold colors to embellish either a hand-drawn picture, an image drawn from electronic media, or a blend of the two.

KLASSIC KOALAS: THE KOALA MUSEUM OF MODERN ART—A lighthearted look, by Nancy Margulies, at some of the marsupial-pieces of modern art. This book will bring a smile to the face of anyone who has had to endure a boring museum tour and lighten the spirits of those who enjoy whimsy in artwork.

KLASSIC KOALAS: MR. DOUGLAS' KOALAS AND THE STARS OF QANTAS—Dressed-up koalas present their most adorable faces and unique curiosity for the delight of observers in priceless shots, taken over a thirty-year period. Images are paired with famous, funny movie one-liners.

KLASSIC KOALAS: VEGETARIAN DELIGHTS TOO CUTE TO EAT—Enjoy cooking while expressing your love for koalas. Included are tips for creating many other animal shapes, such as that of a: dog, cat, monkey, chicken, frog, panda, pig, and more.

VEGAN DELIGHTS—This title features healthy and delicious vegan replacements for the recipes featured in Vegetarian Delights too Cute to Eat.

KLASSIC KOALAS: VINTAGE POSTCARDS AND TIMELESS QUOTES OF WISDOM—Take a glimpse into koalas' own simpler, kinder world—a world outside time. Pictures highlighting the tranquil and accepting nature of Australia's most famous creature are accompanied by words of wisdom.

KLASSIC KOALAS: A SUMMER PARTY IN KOALALAND—Classic vintage photos, shot in the Long-Ago, when eucalyptus trees were tall and plentiful and koalas drowsed in their heights. They beckon you to join in the fun as the koalas and their friends, other animal residents of the Australian bush, come to the party.

KLASSIC KOALAS: THE BOOK OF VALENTINES AND OTHER LOVES—Koalas are front and center in this vintage album, found in the attic of Querida's grandmother, filled with didactic memories and letters that hint at the story of two star-crossed lovers.

THE VALENTINES CODE—The key to the visual metaphors in Klassic Koalas: A Book of Valentines and Other Loves. It features an interview with the author, revealing deeper meanings and greater insights into what inspired the making of The Book of Valentines.

KOALA: THE STORY OF AUSTRALIA'S NATIVE BEAR—A reprint of Charles Leslie Barrett's 1937 classic, this title offers a brief history on the discovery of the popular Australian icon by early settlers, its importance in Australian folklore, the fur trade and resulting outcry to prevent its extinction.

The KOALA DREAM SALON— Enter a world of endless possibilities with François D'Rigour, Chief Curator of the Museum of Modern Koala Art, where fearless koalas achieve the impossible, reinvent, shapeshift, and transcend universes, even space and time.

KLASSIC KOALAS: A COLORING BOOK OF MORE THAN 80 KOALAS AND AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS—Fill in creatures' furs, plumages, and backgrounds in this interactive coloring book. Choose among crayon or felt-tip pen textures, different tip sizes, and colors. A glossary features uniquely Australian terms.