About Us

Koala Jo Publishing®

Koala Jo Publishing was originally formed to raise awareness of the plight of the koala, now declared endangered, is under threat from habitat loss, disease and human intrusions; several books raise money for the Australian Wildlife Hospital, an initiative of Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, Ltd.

Klassic Koalas

This online store features merchandise of Koala Jo Publishing's one-of-a-kind Klassic Koalas™ books; items range from wall clocks, framed art and bags, to t-shirts, magnets, and humorous postcards.

KJ Gamez

KJ Gamez features entertaining, socially conscious Apple and Android smartphone games centered around a koala rag doll avatar, simply known as "KJ hero." Inspired by shamanic powers attributed to the koala by ancient Aboriginals, KJ conquers fears, achieves the impossible, re-invents, shape-shifts, transcends universes and realities.

Each game comes with free gifts when played to completion. The prizes consist of a combination of tangible goods and Koala Jo assets in addition to dozens of family-friendly offers, promotions, coupons and deals from reputable sources. Freebies are updated daily, and so gifts may differ slightly time that a game is played to the end.

Koala Jo Gifts

Mix and match gifts bearing the personal logo of KJ Hero, the lovable avatar in KJ Gamez smartphone games. Koala Jo™-themd gifts are for kids and those young at heart. Find plush koalas, koala-themed bathsets, jewelry items, glow-in-the-dark necklaces, and spirited clothing items.