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Coming soon: The Klassic Koalas Master Collection for iPad and Android tablet computers is composed of eleven in-print titles. More Info

Klassic Koalas: The Koala Museum of Modern Art Catalogue. Readers will be amazed to see all the famous works of art into which the iconic koala has insinuated itself. Never been able to figure out why the Mona Lisa smiles? Check out her companion in canvas and you'll understand that enigmatic expression—it's hard to keep a straight face when there's a koala sidling up to you. It will be much more fun to interpret a Monet when there are koalas lurking in the leaves. Discover modern art's new purpose as a playground for merry marsupials emerging from pattern and shadow. More Info

Koalas: Zen in Fur was drawn from what the American Library Association's "Booklist" has named "the best collection of koala images available." At 320 photographs, most of them previously unpublished, and accompanied by descriptions of characteristics and personality traits, this book has even more images than its predecessor Koalas: Moving Portraits of Serenity. Michael Hornby, CEO, Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide Ltd: "Koalas: Zen in Fur is a book to be treasured. It captures magnificently the beauty of a beloved Australian native species that delights and captivates animal lovers the world over..." More Info

Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings contains classic native Australian folk tales, retold by award-winning author Lee Barwood and illustrated by Joanne Ehrich and artists of the Central Ohio Art Academy. The Dreamtime is Australia's time before time. Animals and birds and plants came into being and took their current forms, and Australia became what it is today—place of wonder and diversity, populated by unique creatures found nowhere else. This book of Aboriginal stories, retold by award-winning author Lee Barwood, brings the time of Dreaming to life. More Info

Each copy of the two books featured directly above contributes to the Australian Wildlife Hospital, a major project Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide Ltd, for the preservation of the koala and other Australian creatures under threat.

Klassic Koalas: Vegetarian Delights Too Cute to Eat features party recipes in shapes of koalas and other animals that prompt you to have your cake and eat it too. Names such as Van Gogh-licious cake, Koala-Krack-Me-Ups, and Delectable Collectible are sure to put a smile on everyone's face. From cupcakes to chocolates, cookies to tea sandwiches, the delectable recipes in Klassic Koalas: Vegetarian Delights Too Cute to Eat now let you add everyone's favorite marsupial to any social event. Included are tips for creating many other animal shapes such as that of a dog, cat, monkey, and bear. More Info

Klassic Koalas: Mr. Douglas' Koalas and The Stars of Qantas showcases never-before-seen photographs. Koalas appear in unusual settings, paired with uniquely tailored famous one-liners. Also included are some of the most renowned Qantas ads featuring koalas. The popular "I hate Qantas commercials" originally featured a talking koala who sat in a eucalyptus tree while complaining about tourists disturbing its tranquil environment. These advertisements, aimed at an exclusively American audience, ran from 1967 until 1999, they became the longest television ad campaign in United States history. More Info

Klassic Koalas: The Book of Valentines and Other Loves. Artist Querida DiGiovanni comes from a family of artists: her grandfather was a sculptor, her grandmother once his model. Querida finds her grandmother's old photo album, populated with images of the things she had loved most in life: her sculptor husband, the ocean, and the koala, captured in a series of photographs. Querida, whose name means "beloved" in Spanish, is inspired by the sweet faces of these kindly creatures to turn the treasure into a sketchbook about love, enhanced with quotations, and with letters once written by her admirer. More Info

Klassic Koalas: Vintage Postcards and Timeless Quotes of Wisdom includes 96 pages of beautiful black and white koala postcards, accompanied by age-old, Zen-like quotations from some of the greatest minds of all times, reminding us that the best things in life are free. Gentle and friendly, the koalas captured in these postcard images from decades past offer a glimpse into their own simpler, kinder world. Pictures that highlight the tranquil and accepting nature of Australia's most famous creature are accompanied by words of wisdom from some of the greatest and most compassionate minds the world has known. More Info

Klassic Koalas: A Summer Party in Koalaland. Back in the Long-Ago, a gentle period long after the Dreamtime yet before the modern world, there was a place known as Koalaland. It was a peaceful place, tucked away between the Outback and the Never-Never, safe and quiet, as befits a region in which the sleepy koala drowses and wakes occasionally to feast on gum leaves and remember the grand old days. One wonderful summer day, however, everyone was excited. A baby koala—a joey—had come out of his mother's pouch for the first time, and everyone was in the mood for a celebration to mark the occasion. More Info

Klassic Koalas: A Coloring Book of more than 80 Koalas and Uniquely Australian Creatures Koala and nature lovers of all ages will enjoy this visual celebration of Australia's magnificent wildlife, with detailed such as the kookaburra, platypus, kangaroo, Tasmanian devil, Tasmanian tiger, cassowary, emu, ostrich, wombat, sugar glider, brushtail possum, desert mouse, dingo, goanna, and frilled lizard—as well as the lesser-known bilby, tamenoir, bandicoot, numbat, betong, quoll, phalanger, and bandy bandy snake. Attractive illustrations, several of which were also featured in the book Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings. More Info

Koalas: Moving Portraits of Serenity features carefully selected related camera sequences that make the animals come alive by suggesting movements, revealing a world rich with surprises. "The Allure of Koalas" sets the scene by exploring the unique attraction that has inspired so many photographers. "Life Cycle" focuses on koalas' gender aspects, complemented by portraits of young koalas. "Characteristics" features its unusual physical traits and observations. "Types" explains little known differences between the three kinds of koalas. "Feeding" details this creature's uncommon eating habits and sleep patterns. "Single Plates" offers un-themed visual desserts. More Info

A reprint of Charles Leslie Barrett's 1937 classic and a useful introduction to the popular Australian icon, Koala: The Story of Australia's Native Bear offers a brief history on its first discovery and published reference by European settlers, the fur trade and resulting outcry to prevent its extinction, and the koala's place of importance in Aboriginal folklore. Scientific facts about the koala's characteristics, traits, and temperament are discussed. More Info