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Meet KJ Hero. Inspired by shamanic powers attributed to the koala by ancient Aboriginals, KJ helps conquer fears, encourages the player to achieve the impossible, explores character reinvention, transcends universes and known realities! Each game comes with free KJ gifts when played to completion!

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Koala Heroes. 99 Cents.

Koalas can only eat eucalyptus. Across five game worlds, help the koalas fetch fresh leaves under towers of candy and save them from drowning in man-made lakes; guide a koala across cities where it must avoid dogs, stir it across a landscape to avoid being hit by cars and prevent baby koalas by eaten by hungry owls. Complete this game and win several Koala Jo prizes. More.

Koala Jungle. 99 Cents.

This seriously addictive game has a total of 50 scenes and includes tricky sequences even the most seasoned gamers will enjoy. Follow the koala across deep-jungle grassy platforms to reach a twig of fresh eucalyptus leaves. Avoid ghosts of extinct animals that seek to drag the koala into their world. Tap your finger to remove dinosaurs and man-made obstacles to get to the other side. More.

Koala Maze. 99 Cents.

Help navigate a hungry koala across labyrinths to fetch eucalyptus leaves and nuts while avoiding crocodiles. Play the end to the end to get several free gifts and a book excerpt! This games features illustrations from the book "Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings," which contributes to the Australian Wildlife Hospital, a major project of Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, founded by Steve and Terri Irwin. More.

Aqua Koalas. 99 Cents.

Join the KJ hero on a mission to fight the offspring of giant jellyfish and keep the oceans from being destroyed by storm drain trash! Discover true dangers—not predators like sharks and mantas—but floating trash and giant jellyfish spurned from global warming and over-harvesting. Giant Jellyfish have made the news in Japan. They have caused havoc by sinking fishing boats and chocking intake lines for power plants. Play the game to the end and receive several Koala Jo prizes! Touch the recycle animation to enter another scene. More.

Koala Heist. 99 Cents.

The koalas were stolen from the sanctuary and returned all dressed-up. Chip away at heavy drapes with pirate tools to help reveal the identity of the thief. He is rumored to be a French man living in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, with a connection to the Koala Museum of Modern Art (KOMA). There are three hints per scene. Download a free excerpt of the book Klassic Koalas: The Koala Museum of Modern Art Catalogue" here to understand the clues. More.

Dream Koalas. 99 Cents.

Enter the KJ hero's dreams, where all wishes come true. Find candy everywhere! But like too much of any good thing, sweets come at the price of black holes. They spurn monster and aliens, which must be placed in large pink bubbles. Fears are only real if you allow them to be. Enter over twenty dream sequences consisting of galaxies, forest art galleries, instant camera movie drive-in theatres, the news, ballet dance stages, painted shark pools, and paintings. Play the game to the end and receive several Koala Jo prizes! More.

Space Koalas. 99 Cents.

Help KJ, the koala, sort through fact and fiction, both on Earth and in the outer stratospheres... Avoid true dangers in the form of space junk, falling satellites, and burning meteorites, rather than imagined UFO space ships and aliens! Pop those in translucent pink bubbles and send them back where they came from. Play the game to the end and receive several Koala Jo prizes! Tilt your device to navigate the koala across forty-six scenes. More.

Koala Museum. 99 Cents.

Unveil recovered paintings that were previously stolen and then returned to the Koala Museum of Modern Art. Earn kudos for uncovering hints about the identity of the alleged thief. Note, there are three clues per scene. Play the game to completion to download a book excerpt (you may need to read it to understand the hints). Play the game to the end and receive several Koala Jo prizes! Celebrated artists featured are: Picasso, Da Vinci, Matisse, Van Gogh, Kahlo, Chagall, Escher, Miró, Pollock, Manet, Klimt, Grant, and others. More.

Happy Koalas. 99 Cents.

Go on a journey with the KJ hero and marvel at wondrous fifty-two wondrous scene experiences. Visit the circus, a ballpark, the beach, become a pirate, play golf, enter a candy store, greet sea turtles, and much more. But keep the inner super-clown in check. For, if it should get dark outside, you may no longer find your way back home. Play the game to the end and receive several Koala Jo prizes! Tap your finger on the screen to help KJ turn daily impressions into rose-colored memories before night falls. More.

Magic Koalas. 99 Cents.

Help the KJ hero traverse through a world of sixty-four optical illusions with magic think waves. Rekindle your sense of mystery about laws of physics, chemistry, astronomy, Modern-, Ancient- and Natural World Wonders. Traverse through the Human blood stream, inside of atoms and molecules, Earth's solar system, and outer galaxies. Imagine tastes, temperatures, and colors. Watch KJ count M. C. Escher drawings, spot moving paint splats on paper, follow magical letters jumping out of hats, move through moving light paintings. More.

Pop-Art Koalas. 99 Cents.

Break down the barriers of modern art with a game of table tennis. Enjoying over forty koala image scenes of the pop art and abstract expressionism genres reminiscent of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Mondrian, and others. Play the game to the end to fetch several Koala Jo prizes! Among the artwork featured are original oil paintings and artworks with the Koala Jo avatar by museum-featured artist and educator Lois White. The images can be produced as large scale posters or oil paintings. Murals range from four to six feet. More.

Snow Koalas. 99 Cents.

Witness the escape of KJ hero and Bundy, the snowman from the snow globe. Follow them on a soap bubble-popping adventure that leads through the house, out of the window, off to the Northern Lights, snowy-packed landscapes, and back to a warm fireplace! Play the game to the end and receive several Koala Jo prizes! Collisions with Human mousetraps will force the current scene to start over and cost points. Several menus allow access to game information, sound settings, scores, unlocked scenes, gifts, and other games. More.

Smart Koalas. 99 Cents.

Test your logic skills and improve your memory and brainpower with thirty-nine tricky visual logic puzzles. Among the brain areas used are those of: problem solving, attention, flexibility, and perseverance. Fun images of the Koala Jo super hero avatar, dressed for the occasion, add to a sense of playfulness that is desirable in any quality learning experience. Play the game to the end and receive several Koala Jo prizes! Click arrow buttons to progress to the next scene or move back. Toggle the sound on or off, as needed. More.

Koala Coloring Book. 99 Cents.

Koala and nature lovers alike will enjoy this interactive coloring book with over eighty koalas and other Australian animals such as the kookaburra, platypus, kangaroo, Tasmanian devil, Tasmanian tiger, cassowary, emu, ostrich, wombat, sugar glider, brushtail possum, desert mouse, dingo, goanna, and frilled lizard—as well as the lesser-known bilby, tamenoir, bandicoot, numbat, betong, quoll, phalanger, and bandy bandy snake. More.

Klassic Koalas. $14.99.

The Klassic Koalas Master Collection features thirteen Koala Jo Publishing titles in one app. Navigate to the various titles by tapping on the top or bottom of your screen. Pinch and zoom to enlarge an image.

KOALAS: ZEN IN FUR—Based on what the American Library Association has named "The best collection of koala photos," this book contains over 320 mostly previously unpublished photographs... More.