Koala Jo Gifts

All mobile and Facebook games come with prizes. Several gifts seen below are completely free with games, when played to completion.

Koala Jo Doll

KJ Necklace

6" KJ plush

Large Earrings

Pendants / Magnets

Shower Gel
in4 Colors


Glow-in-the-Dark Necklace

6-piece Bath Set

15" (38 cm) Koala

Bead Set


Customize Koala Jo items with different colors in an instant. After visiting an individual product page, click on a product description. Then click: "Choose your style and color" > "See all... ." Or, click on the orange "Customize-it" button under the product picture. To edit background colors, click on the "Edit" pulldown menu.

Unique Koala Jo Logo Shoes. Customize!

Koala Jo Ties. Pick Your Color!

Men's & Women's shirts (40 types)

Key Chain, Different Types

Kid's Tees, Many Styles!

Koala Scateboards. Customize!

Koala Jo Postage Stamps. Black?

Koala Jo Speakers. Dial-a-Color!

Koala Jo School Gear. Green, Blue?

KJ Babies. Colorize!

Koala Jo Gear

Wearing your koala on your sleeve (well, almost)... Check out this page, where you can find everything from plush animals to shirts, caps, and mugs.

Home and Office Koala Gear
Indoor Accessories

Women's and Junior's Gear
"Women's-Bear Daily"

Cats'n Dog Gear
Animal Wearables

Men's and Boy's Koala-Wear
Manly Koalas, Mainly for Men

Electronics Gear
Video Cameras, iPhone case

Gender Neutral Gear
Family Wearables